Day 8

by morvennn

As we said yesterday, we decided to use impressonist gem. OK, it’s easy to say. We uninstalled ahoy (which left a huge amount of rubbish in the application source code), then installed impressionist… and, as usual recently, stacked on minor problems. Problem 1: WHERE exactly should we add gem’s code – which controller and model is the right one? Problem 2: when we restored the last app version without ahoy from our local repo, impressionist’s installation came out to be impossible. In the meantime our mentor Agnieszka finally managed to get the ahoy integration to a workable state.

At the moment we work on two separate versions – Magda with impressions, Karolina with ahoy.

We don’t know, what will be next.

We feel like Sherlock Holmes (not to be mistaken with Charlock_Holmes), chasing after strange errors and unexpected cases.

Wish us luck.