Day 19

by morvennn

Long time no see!

What’s new:

– we got into another task – we have to add ahoy tracking to Species + API requests. This time it’s just pure experimenting, trying one method and then trying another. Everything works and after a while it doesn’t. But now it’s definitely not so frustrating – exactly the opposite, this is precisely how we imagined developer’s work.

– next week will be full of meetings. On Monday we probably will have a hangout with Team Participate and Team Code_Padawans. Can’t wait to see/hear them! Later on the same day we are going to attend Warsaw Women in Technology meeting. We’d like to say a few words about RGSoC. In the middle of the week we also plan to participate in huuuge summary conference call – with our supervisor Laura, our mentors Agnieszka & Simao and of course with our coaches. We are going to summarize our first month in the project.

Coming back to coding. Have a great weekend!