Day 27


On Friday we were working on our visualisation page (as you probably remember it was our next challenge). This time everything went smoothly – we completed the task and the same day commited the brand new code to the repo. At the moment the page is empty, but we are going to fill it with some charts & graphs very soon. Another task is to add a list of top 10 visited species & subspecies to the activity page per taxonomy.

We are still busy with learning JavaScript. Sometimes it seems to be easier than Ruby & Rails, but immediately afterwards it surprises us with another syntax error. But the real fun is yet to come – without JavaScript we won’t be able to create visualisations…

In the meantime we had many fantastic meetings. 28th July we had nice hangout live chat with RGSoC organisers, Anika & Floor, and 2 teams: Participate and Code Padawans. 2 hours later Magda was a guest at Warsaw Women in Technology meeting. She said a few words about Rails Girls movement and RGSoC in particular.

10511336_696483660407533_4606876193576761162_(CC BY 2.0) Jakub Bożanowski

Yesterday we summarized the first month of RGSoC with our coaches: Tomasz & Piotr, mentors: Simao & Agnieszka and with our supervisor Laura. They were proud of our progress and said that our questions are getting smarter every day – it means it’s definitely not bad 🙂