Day 39

Yes, we were very silent for over two weeks, but we are alive and kicking! We just didn’t want to write for the next time about learning Javascript – it would be boring. But the time for implementing our theoretical knowledge into practice has come and we decided to share our tasks.

Karolina took the responsibility for generating the top ten most visited species. It came out that default version of PostgreSQL used in Species+ app doesn’t work properly with json. She started to install the higher version… and after a few days she became the real PostgreSQL expert 😉

Magda is currently working on passing particular data from our ahoy database to the activities page. She installed two Javascript libraries: c3 & d3, then Gon gem. At the moment she is figuring out how to write in Ruby something like: “Dear Javascript. Here you have 2 columns in ahoy events table. Please be so kind and show the line chart where we plot the percentage of ‘Taxon Concept’ and ‘Search’ events over time.” She experiments, tries many different solutions and obviously she has fun.

But recently there were also difficult, rainy, gloomy days. Sometimes we feel as if we were crushed by a half-ton stones. Everything seems so overwhelming and you think: “No, it’s definitely not for me. It’s too much. I have to write to Anika and tell her I want to give up. I can’t manage.”

Did you have such moments during the RGSoC? Me, Magda (actually I write this note today) felt it last week. This is the short movie for those of you who are in doubts: