Day 56

Summer is slowly changing in autumn. In our project everything tends to a happy ending 🙂 We completed our tables and chart. Our mentor Agnieszka suggested us to do some small modifications. We were doing it for the whole last week. At the moment we’re almost ready and preparing our code to the pull request. Of course Agnieszka already gave us another tasks to keep us entertained 😉

In the meantime we took part in a really cool meeting: Warsaw Ruby Users Group invited us to tell a few words about Rails Girls Summer of Code. We prepared ourselves to the presentation very carefully. Obviously we felt a little of stage fright, but everything went quite well. Of course we had to face with some difficult questions, for example: what exactly is a taxon? 😉 We don’t know if our explanations were good enough but participants seemed to be satisfied.


So, back to work!