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Day 8

As we said yesterday, we decided to use impressonist gem. OK, it’s easy to say. We uninstalled ahoy (which left a huge amount of rubbish in the application source code), then installed impressionist… and, as usual recently, stacked on minor problems. Problem 1: WHERE exactly should we add gem’s code – which controller and model is the right one? Problem 2: when we restored the last app version without ahoy from our local repo, impressionist’s installation came out to be impossible. In the meantime our mentor Agnieszka finally managed to get the ahoy integration to a workable state.

At the moment we work on two separate versions – Magda with impressions, Karolina with ahoy.

We don’t know, what will be next.

We feel like Sherlock Holmes (not to be mistaken with Charlock_Holmes), chasing after strange errors and unexpected cases.

Wish us luck.


Day 7

So, it’s time to summarize our first week of RGSoC. We work on getting certain bunch of information about how do Species+ users behave. After a few days we already know one important thing: ahoy_matey gem (which seemed to be perfect) works properly with rails 4.1.1. and PostgreSQL 9.3, but not with the previous ones. While other teams started real coding, we spent the whole week struggling with one gem! It was a little bit frustrating, but we didn’t give up. And now we have to admit quite honestly – we learnt a lot. It brings us some comfort.

Today in the morning we had skype conversation with our mentor Agnieszka. After that we decided to try out another gem – impressionist. Stay tuned!

Day 5

Hello there!

We are spending another day with ahoy_matey.
Our project requeries form us understanding of relational databases. That’s why we are studying PostgreSQL and SQL issues.

For those who want to learn:

PostgreSQL Exercises
Postgres Guide
Everything about PostgreSQL
Books online about PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL course on TutsPlus


SQL on W3Schools
SQL on TutsPlus

And GitHub tutorial ❤

Day 4

Today is a day we called ‘frustrating Friday’.
We have some problems with ahoy_matey compatibility. And we still don’t know is it incompatibility with our version of PostreSQL, Ruby or Rails… We have no idea, where the problem actually is, and for all of a day we are trying to solve it.
In the meantime we read about differences between engines and gems.

With special greetings for ahoy_matey:

Source of the image.

Day 2

After the second day of RGSoC, we know that this gem ahoy doesn’t work properly in Rails 3.2.

Rails 3.2 do not support uuid and json. Our coach, Piotr, found postgres_ext, which  adds uuid to Rails 3.2, but doesn’t support json. We had to modificate migrations and use SQL.

It took almost c.a. 5 hours of our work… but the first pancake is always spoiled… 🙂

Day 1

Hello everyone! This is Species+ team speaking!

We’ve been preparing to this time for the whole June… And now booom! Today is the first day of Rails Girls Summer of Code 2014. We’ve started our coding adventure with a small celebration and special ruby cake. Here it is:


Here we are with our coaches:


(from left: Tomasz, Karolina, Magda & Piotr)

At the moment we are trying to slowly figure out what rails engines are. Tomorrow we are going to have first online meeting with our mentors, Agnieszka and Simao.
We have a lot to do… So – now we’re going back to Ruby & SQL. See you!